In this speech

Warning. §

I must report to the public on the causes that delayed the printing of this speech.

In dealing with Kleber and Desaix , I often found next to their names, the names of several other defenders of the Republic who died for it. I wanted to devote notes to them following this speech: these notes have spread; we had to give it up to make separate records.

Those who are not entirely foreign to the history of the wars of the Republic, know, for example, how much Beaupui and Marceau deserve honors and recognition.


In this speech, we will find facts which were not known, or which were too little known and by too few people. All were provided to me by witnesses.

Savary ex-legislator, friend of Kleber , and who made the first wars of the Vendee as chief of staff, gave me the notes on this war. They would be enough to give a> Kleber ; they would still be enough to justify the esteem that C. En Savary places in all those who know him, and who do not lend an easy ear to slanders by parties.

General Lefebvre , my colleague in the Conservative Senate, gave me all the information on the Kleber campaigns in the armies of the North, Sambre-et-Meuse, Rhin-et -Moselle. We know how much General Lefebvre himself obtained success and glory in these armies where he so often commanded the avant-garde. Such a witness must be informed of the facts; he can appreciate them.

Several a> Desaix have told me about his life: I spoke mainly on the notes of his a> Savary , which, since the beginning of the war, has not is separated from Desaix until his death.

Those who knew Kleber and Desaix , those who served the Republic with them and under them, all speak of it with the highest and the most tender admiration. I would like this feeling which they penetrated me, to have passed in my speech. I knew how much Kleber and Desaix had done themselves honor by serving freedom and the country; I learned how much they have honored the Republic itself

When reading the stories of their exploits, we always forget that they did not play the leading roles.

In the camps, in the battles, in the victories, they did not only report military virtues.

It has been said that all wars are alike: I believe that none of the known wars resembled those of the French Republic. I think that in general the wars of the Republics are very different from the others: we see much more the man in the soldier; we see heroism born there not only of the love of glory, but of the love of the fatherland. These two differences make everything else very different.

The wars of Charles VIII , Louis XII and Francois I er in Italy were very brilliant: compare them to the Bonaparte campaigns , you see if they look like them.

If we had a well-made history of the wars of the French Republic, seeing it triumph so often over its enemies, and so often against all appearances, we would soon see the causes of its victories. These causes are not only in the art of war; and thats why theyre so interesting and informative.

How many kinds of interest the current government has in wanting this story to be done! But all these interests, he will see and consult them too well to have this story written; he will let her write.

Funeral eulogy of Generals Kleber and Desaix. §

At a time when all the glares, all the expressions of the joy of a powerful Republic, are calling us from all sides to the feast of his birth, the organ of two great public pains, in this enclosure decorated by mourning, by the representations of the tombs and of death, I must therefore tell you about all that the trophies of Italy and Egypt cost us! O Kleber ! O Desaix ! Immortal shadows, the tears that the Republic sheds on your ballot boxes will make its celebration more holy, more suitable for filling all the objects of its institution. Talking about yourself is showing the virtues it inspires, it is tracing the examples and models of the talents it needs. Therefore, you need to go beyond the surface and think about your answers before giving them. Why custom essay are all about detail, you need to go broad and deep when then provide the board reasons why you are interested in the school. The peace offered by victory and by moderation is repelled by despair or by the new hopes of the vanquished: from the rocks of Helvetia to the banks of the Danube and the Mincio, the signal for fighting resounds again when the earth waits peace proclamations (1). The funeral praise of Kleber and Desaix will be for our armies like the anthem of battles; their names, so often repeated in the ranks of our victorious soldiers, will still carry their heroism there; and my words, in their very weakness, will speak for themselves, since they will be filled with their actions.